Sunday, February 27, 2011

Drinking to our dreams.

We've booked our tickets to London for April... and to paris and to norway....:) The days seem to pass so fast. I'm almost done with my emergency med posting... this is going to be my last week, with sadly, 3 night shifts.


chinese foood with coffee bean english breakfast tea latte.

champagne in the park!

erm yup with a daily dose of nutella. It's really worth it...


  1. Your trip sounds so exciting! I'm taking a small (and not quite as exciting trip) at the end of of March and I hope the days keep flying by until then too. =] Lovely pictures too by the way!

  2. Yes. Thank you for your nice comments:))Do update your blog about your trip when you go on it:))

  3. Is the picture at the top where you stayed in Paris? Lovely x