Friday, February 11, 2011

Love handles

It's 5 plus AM in the morning... and yet to hop into bed....
I''ve been under the weather the past two days so I did not go to work. I really feel like taking a gap year.. no i mean just a gap month will do if such a thing exists? It's saturday and I have night duty at 10pm :( I do not understand how to gain passion from work.

My supper consists of rose, chocolate, passionfruit and coffee macaroons and nutella bread...loadsa tea and a can of beer with andreas.


  1. Your dinner sounds lovely!

    I do hope you feel better soon though, I wish I could take a gap year (month?) off too. =[

  2. It looks so yummy!! I took now a gap month... but as soon as I come back home it will be over :(
    Hang on ^^

  3. I really love your blog :) and I must add; a supper consisting of macarons = heaven!