Wednesday, February 23, 2011

not today...

last pic from flickr

Woke up early this morning to find out that a morning lect was cancelled and I really felt too tired to go on doing clinical work.... so I went to mc donalds drive thru instead and got pancakes and together with ben&jerrys cookie affair... that was breakfast! And by the way.. chocolate coated potato chips sound weird but they grow on you and then you get hooked on, a box like that doesn't last longer than half and hour.

Haven't really done anything fun or productive since then. i need to stop procrastinating... i've a truckload list of things to do in my head which makes me feel so heavy ...


  1. Those chocolate covered potato chips sound really yummy actually!

  2. Yup they are!!... I always feel really guilty after i empty the box though haha.

  3. love the last pic!great blog!