Thursday, March 31, 2011

I like falling a little sick.

The past couple of days, i've been feeling unwell. And it's actually a blessing in disguise haha. I get to stay at home, skip work guilt free. For an ill person, my appetite is hearty. I've loss count the number of packets of oreos i've eaten and yummy meals I've had. Anyway, tomorrow is friday. I'm going to go out to get a new laptop. I'm currently using a sony vaio which is a little wonky. Tomorrow, andreas is going to go out with a couple of his old childhood friends which leaves me alone on a friday night. boo. Pictures from early this week! Do you like my new white blazer!! japanese currry.... me and andreas are CRAZY for it. We always order it with extra curry sauce! Hmmm..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm at home today. I felt very nauseas and giddy yesterday. Here is a video to share my excitement towards my countdown to paris. I'm so in love with it!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

She's got a life living in her heart

The other day at the 2nd supermarket near my home.

and I'm munching on my maltese easter bunny right now.

While earth hour was going on, andreas and I were making apple crumblee... Days like this are good.

Friday, March 25, 2011

here comes FRIDAY.

I think this week is the hardest I've ever worked. Now, movie time with andreas. We gonna pull the cushions to the floor and drag a blanket and watch the little princess movie from my laptop and eat cookies.
May tomorrow be awesome and filled with rainbows!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sugars give me energy

p1. see's candies assorted box which I got my cousin to lug back from the states, p2.fishy chocolate filling pancake

I think I eat 500grams of chocolate per day. I'm hanging in there with chocolate - hot chocolate, chocolate milkshake, nutella sandwich, choco bars, choco muffins, choco chip cookies. So far, I've had not much time to myself AT ALL in this oncology posting. I start my day at 6 plus reach the hospital at 745am and then the whole routine starts all the way until 530. I drive out just in time to meet the going home traffic jam, get stuck in the jam for half an hour and reach home for dinner. This is such an uncool lifestyle.
If anything, it makes me appreciate fridays and the weekends more.
I'm going to book movie tickets to catch sucker punch after work on friday:)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I dig kit kats and you.

10pm just before the supermarket that is about 1km away from home closes. In my home clothes, bed hair and face well covered by my hoodie and 9 dollar sneakers. I stole the hoodie from andreas. It is perfectly snugly and warm.
Essentially we went to the supermarket so that i can pick up a multi pack 4 finger kit kat and finish it in half an hour. I am craving for more now. But it is too late to go anywhere now. How i dread monday mornings.

and the svart hund says good night. that is the view of my dog from above. Not the most gorgeous dog I know but his personality makes up for it!

Good night!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

sky blue and silver linings on a weekend.

Last night I sat in front of the tv and watched the movie 'life as we know it' and i really like it even though it's pretty much of a chick flick with a happy predictable ending.
It's a pretty good laid back home movie session to watch together with bowls of salsa & cheese nachos!
A couple more last week pics+

taken outside a scottish bar restaurant. and for your information that's my daily hairdo to work.

smoked salmon and spinach cream pasta with loads of parma cheese on top. we love it.


i loss count the number of packs of m n ms i have gobbled down this week. I like the minis, the plain choc and the dark choc. no nuts for me!


Life isn't too happening at the moment I really wanna go for a party or have some huge social event to dress up cos i've really been living in simple dresses or shorts with sneakers the past few days. Anyway, my little cousins are over and it is like real life counter strike in my house with them sneaking around the nooks and corners shooting their NERF guns. We're celebrating one of their birthdays tonight with a homemade vanilla cake and lasagne for dinner.

Friday, March 18, 2011

a little dark a little too early.

This is coming a tad too early,
But this coming monday would be a little darker for me. I've finished my time at my current ophthalmology posting. I really enjoyed it and I am kinda convinced of becoming an eye surgeon lol. After a morning of observing in the operating theatres, my mentor brought me out for lunch and it was awkward and bittersweet at the same time.
Coming monday, the patients i'll be seeing are going to be really different. Their eyes tend to look emptier and have loss the glisten of hope. X cross fingers!

p1. unknown, skulls that explains the mood and setting of my monday, p2.monday outfit inspiration, lipstick, p4. fr maejane, an attitude to wack it!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

green days.

Ey its 3.13 am local time! Earlier on I was having supper with my cousins (mac donalds 20 pc nuggets and large fries and a hot fudge sundae) and then I have been rushing out my visa application (as usual I do things last minute) cos I got to run down to the office to submit everything tomorrow noon and after that there are clinics. I'm crossing fingers that maybe I might be able to skip work otherwise it's such a hectic day. Not to forget, there is a Celine sale tomorrow and I'm wondering to buy the mini shopper bag. I can think of a dozen outfits that would look so fab with it! Here are a couple of pics collected over last few days. I wish I had more time to take more photos!

fr. flickr. I thought this image looks strangely similar to the blood veseels seen at the posterior segment of the eye.

ONE. I tend to channel the grumpy look.



Good morning.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I am starting to sense your location

This is the current state of my room- I've got a tea cup filled with dark chocolate M&Ms next to me as I type this. My never ending desire to snack really boggles me. My school books are tossed to the ground and covered over with fashion magazines. And my speakers are blasting music by the freelance whales. If you haven't heard them you really should! To my right, Andreas is starring at Hermes bags. Right, he really does appreciate their beauty.

p1. fr thrilld,

p2. andreas in his favourite cap,

p3. my current favourite japanese gelato icecream. cookies&cream & royal chocolate. And it is quite dreadful that there the icecream palour is walking distance from my house which means I eat it almost everyday,

p4. our local take on the jap pancakes. I'm waiting for the chocolate stuffed one of course.

p5. Oh dear, another ice cream picture. a large cup of coldstone in chocolate dipped cone cup:) and p6. my back view. Notice I'm carrying two bags. That's because silly Andreas gets grumpy and finds it cumbersome to carry a bag while window shopping so I carry it for him.

p7. fr. pauline darcey. I want a hat like that.

I'm going to attempt reading a my medical text right now...good day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

a quiet weekend.

I wonder what people think about my more than once a week at least twice a week run to mac donalds for meals.

this weekend feels kinda short since i had work on sat and that really got me confused cos I keep thing sunday is saturday and that tomorrow is still a weekend. poo.

National Geographic Channel have created a real-life version of the animated film Up — launching a house thousands of metres into the air using balloons. Its gonna be part of a series called How Hard Can it Be?, which will premiere in fall 2011. How cool is that?

inspired by balloons:)

I bought a tin of vanilla poweder from coffee bean today and I'm gonna try making a cup of english breakfast tea latte and watch a dvd with andreas before heading the sack.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I am the only person who has understood even a whisper of you.

This week has been a pretty busy one for me with a steep learning curve. It's been awhile since I've been doing things alone. Being the most and only junior in clinics or in the operating theatres overwhelm me sometimes cos I can't seem to answer the older docs questions correctly/smartly and I worry over lame things like who I would end up eating lunch with. So I really haven't had much time to myself. And... TGIF:) this evening I had 4fingers bonchon fried chicken goodness for dinner and then andreas & I caught red riding hood that was starring amanda seyfried. Although I suppose many would find the show lame, we both liked it and its soundtrack. We ended our outing with a creamy doria for supper, mushroom soup and bread and a mac donalds chocolate milkshake. Unfortunately, we came home to a screaming hot tempered sister that dampened our moods a little. Now I'm off for some hot chocolate to prep myself for bed. It's sat tomorrow but I still need to go for 8am clinics and some learning sessions after that.

More pics tomorrow...

p1.werewolves and full moon, flickr. I wish I could paint my nails red like that unfortunately at the rate i have to sanitise my hands with alcohol before and after coming into contact with patients makes that impossible. p3. I can cook like really basic stuff! p4. Our speciality- home made french toast!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Over lunch, He said

I am yours now, so I don't ever have to leave

I've been found out, so now I'll never explore

Here I saw something I couldn't overlook

Here's a quick update!
Lunch pictures were taken at a restaurant called aerins. It's really a pretty pleasant place with our favourite smoked salmon and shrooms pasta coupled with coffee shots!
I need to jump into bed for another day of work. Good night world.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

while I'm chasing my own dreams

I just finished an entire pint of ben and jerry's - a cookie affair in 15 minutes. Andreas managed to finish barely half a pint of his choco chip cookie dough. After eating it, i realised i've essentially eaten more than a few days worth of calories today cos prior to that we had a buffet at some hotel with his family. I'm starting to get a tad bit paranoid about that pudge around my waist.

Enough about food, with regards to life, I've officially finished my days in emergency/trauma medicine. If anything, it made me conclude that I no longer want to do emergency medicine because the hours are really not good for family and social life. I hate having to go to work while andreas goes to sleep and vice versa. However, my last day at work ended well and rather eventful. We managed to successfully resuscitate a poor man who had a heart attack in the middle of driving in an expressway and it really felt good to have been able to cpr and crush his ribs til his heartbeat returned... I guess a good ending will suffice:) Tomorrow, I start pursuing my dreams with ophthalmology. wish me luck!

Pictures from the last week.

p1. of course the larger cup belongs to andreas. He gulps down anything fluid in seconds. The only way to stop him is to make the drink boiling hot.
p2. sprinkles.
p3. Making our usual run to coffee bean for a daily dose of frozen swirl classic tart yoghurt.
p4. Also, our usual weekly run to mac donalds.
p5. Currently, the upsized fries comes with that awesome honey chipotle powder. gah i hate the way my taste buds enjoy artificial food.
p6. me for the week.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eyeliner it.

p1. my half cut off boyfriend and I getting ready to go out.
p2. barbara palvin with loads of eyeliner.

i think of barbara palvin kind of eyeliner look for going to a party at night or a club. If only I can rock this look everyday to work, i think my spirits would be lifted up!