Monday, March 14, 2011

I am starting to sense your location

This is the current state of my room- I've got a tea cup filled with dark chocolate M&Ms next to me as I type this. My never ending desire to snack really boggles me. My school books are tossed to the ground and covered over with fashion magazines. And my speakers are blasting music by the freelance whales. If you haven't heard them you really should! To my right, Andreas is starring at Hermes bags. Right, he really does appreciate their beauty.

p1. fr thrilld,

p2. andreas in his favourite cap,

p3. my current favourite japanese gelato icecream. cookies&cream & royal chocolate. And it is quite dreadful that there the icecream palour is walking distance from my house which means I eat it almost everyday,

p4. our local take on the jap pancakes. I'm waiting for the chocolate stuffed one of course.

p5. Oh dear, another ice cream picture. a large cup of coldstone in chocolate dipped cone cup:) and p6. my back view. Notice I'm carrying two bags. That's because silly Andreas gets grumpy and finds it cumbersome to carry a bag while window shopping so I carry it for him.

p7. fr. pauline darcey. I want a hat like that.

I'm going to attempt reading a my medical text right now...good day!


  1. aww i love your pictures!

  2. I like the way you styled your hair! :) check my blog too. :) I'm new. Thanks!

  3. Really love how you capture your images! Great blog! Am your new follower! Come visit me and hope you follow too :)

  4. great blog! and the gelato looks heaaavenly. Where do you get it?

  5. it's from an ice cream joint that's called haato:)