Sunday, March 20, 2011

I dig kit kats and you.

10pm just before the supermarket that is about 1km away from home closes. In my home clothes, bed hair and face well covered by my hoodie and 9 dollar sneakers. I stole the hoodie from andreas. It is perfectly snugly and warm.
Essentially we went to the supermarket so that i can pick up a multi pack 4 finger kit kat and finish it in half an hour. I am craving for more now. But it is too late to go anywhere now. How i dread monday mornings.

and the svart hund says good night. that is the view of my dog from above. Not the most gorgeous dog I know but his personality makes up for it!

Good night!


  1. Hey! Haven't talked to you in quite a while. I'm digging kit kats at the moment too! :) When are u gg to London?

  2. Nice blog ;-)
    I visit it every day ;D
    Kisses from Poland.