Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Over lunch, He said

I am yours now, so I don't ever have to leave

I've been found out, so now I'll never explore

Here I saw something I couldn't overlook

Here's a quick update!
Lunch pictures were taken at a restaurant called aerins. It's really a pretty pleasant place with our favourite smoked salmon and shrooms pasta coupled with coffee shots!
I need to jump into bed for another day of work. Good night world.


  1. i love your makeup, you're so gorgeous!

  2. that looks so yummy! and i like when they do those kind of shapes on the coffee!
    And I really appreciate your work! you save people life!!! that's so awesome!

  3. Hi! may i know what camera are u using to take all this nice photos ?:D

  4. That is so sweet...love that photo of the coffee with the tatoo...how romantic! Great blog ;)
    xo Cara