Saturday, March 19, 2011

sky blue and silver linings on a weekend.

Last night I sat in front of the tv and watched the movie 'life as we know it' and i really like it even though it's pretty much of a chick flick with a happy predictable ending.
It's a pretty good laid back home movie session to watch together with bowls of salsa & cheese nachos!
A couple more last week pics+

taken outside a scottish bar restaurant. and for your information that's my daily hairdo to work.

smoked salmon and spinach cream pasta with loads of parma cheese on top. we love it.


i loss count the number of packs of m n ms i have gobbled down this week. I like the minis, the plain choc and the dark choc. no nuts for me!


Life isn't too happening at the moment I really wanna go for a party or have some huge social event to dress up cos i've really been living in simple dresses or shorts with sneakers the past few days. Anyway, my little cousins are over and it is like real life counter strike in my house with them sneaking around the nooks and corners shooting their NERF guns. We're celebrating one of their birthdays tonight with a homemade vanilla cake and lasagne for dinner.

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