Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sugars give me energy

p1. see's candies assorted box which I got my cousin to lug back from the states, p2.fishy chocolate filling pancake

I think I eat 500grams of chocolate per day. I'm hanging in there with chocolate - hot chocolate, chocolate milkshake, nutella sandwich, choco bars, choco muffins, choco chip cookies. So far, I've had not much time to myself AT ALL in this oncology posting. I start my day at 6 plus reach the hospital at 745am and then the whole routine starts all the way until 530. I drive out just in time to meet the going home traffic jam, get stuck in the jam for half an hour and reach home for dinner. This is such an uncool lifestyle.
If anything, it makes me appreciate fridays and the weekends more.
I'm going to book movie tickets to catch sucker punch after work on friday:)


  1. College is evil, it's the end of sleep and the beginning of having to wake up early almost everyday.

  2. i could actually eat all of that!! your blog!!

  3. thebeatniq- indeed. the hardest part is waking up in the mornings and then i snack on junk too much to stay awake which is evil on the waistline:( gah..

    lavogue-ish7: thank you:) your blog is very entertaining love.