Sunday, April 10, 2011

caffeine addict.

my overly contented stomach is filled with coffee, loads of chocolate cake and a philly cheese steak. I love good food in good ambience and that's what we had for dinner at a coffee joint cafe. I think there is something just so beautiful in dim yellow lights. I kinda detest neon argon lights. Duck confit! I grin a lot to myself when I am eating good food. a cup of cafe mocha... we concluded that was the best cup of mocha we ever had. I feel like learning how to do coffee art. and... my comfy outfit for the day that can hide a huge belly. A H&M slip with a stradivarius woolly pullover with my favourite pair of boyish patent flats from jeffrey campbell.



  1. such a cute look! hope you enjoyed your coffee dear :) lovee your loafers, and the heart ring from your last post !
    the cookies xxx
    share the feeling & visit our blog too, if you like

  2. love the outfit on the last picture!
    so cute

  3. samecookiesdifferent-Yes! It'll be my pleasure to visit your blog:)