Monday, April 4, 2011

no regrets!

p1. these are one of andreas' current favourite bags. He says it's really practical and it goes with everything.

p2.models, mac, juice. perfection. tfs.

p3.fiddling around a random picture.

It's april! New month, new things. I had to show you the model and mac picture cos that's my new laptop! I couldn't be any more happier. Work is starting to slow down a little since the fierce doc has gone off shift this month. Although, I'm embarking on a rather interesting paper on a really rare cancer and I would be spending a lot of time in the laboratories.. hope it will get published! Things are looking up for now. Except, well the negatives are that I have put on weight and that my dog has a suspected tumour and he would be going for surgery this coming sat. Wish him luck.

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  1. Loving the Alexander Wang's. Will buy the black one for Xmas...can't wait!!