Monday, May 30, 2011

my little pony

I haven't been feeling too well the past few days. My stomach has been churning like mad. I can't seem to digest tough food like meat and heavy breads and I keep feeling really hungry. After eating proper meals like crayfish pasta or pork escalope (my last few meals) I severely regretted it because my stomach gave me a hard time. Strangely, I get respite by eating simple sugars from high calorific junk food like chocolate cake and ice cream. Some days I think I am a little too stubborn. I know I shouldn't be eating much when my tummy is upset but I can't help it because I feel hungry. I know I shouldn't have gone out to the park today when the winds were a little too strong and then I got caught in the rain. Ok I guess I complained a little too much.
All is well now, I'm typing this from my bed and trying to count my luck/blessings.

p1. chanel cuff. I had to post this because... well after much contemplation, I purchased something from Chanel this week:)

p2. My apple cinnamon french toast for breakfast. I really really dig baked apples and cinnamon with maple syrup on a french toast or pancake. my ideal everyday breakfast!

p3. always always need a brownie every week. makes the week a brownie point better.

p4. the weekly picture of us.

p5. I love news like this. Light and hilarious nothing serious about terrible world affairs.


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  1. hope you show us what you got from chanel;)
    i love reading those bits of news too....and funnily enough, there always seems to be funny incidents happenning everyday...the horse above sure seems to know his way..hahha:D