Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I had to collect a form for my portfolio rubbish and so I managed to sneak out and leave the hospital early for a short break. I'm sitting on my rocking chair just relaxing a little before having to drive back in 45 minutes time. Although I've been surviving on 4.5 hrs of sleep/day and 2 cans of redbull added to my daily breakfast I'm pretty anxious and happy and often distracted with images of vera wang gowns. We have finally booked the church and hotel for our wedding next year:)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

In the park.

Pictures from us in the park some other day. The weather has been really hot recently. I definitely regret wearing denim out. We were in the park learning how to rollerskate. yes, I don't know how to and I have no idea why I want to at this age now! Right now, at least I can move forward and break. I do feel a little embarrassed all decked up in my protective gear. By the way, I bought the prettiest pair of white roller skates which I would post another day.
Now I'm off to eat dinner!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Those are a couple of wizard wands on display. I got my sister a present. A harry potter limited edition wand. It took us rather long to decide on which wand to get. She like malfoy but his wand is a tad too dull and so we ended up with Dumbledore's wand which looks really powerful!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

when the saints go marching on

img1. i really am in love with the partha dress from allsaints. it has some kind of riding in the woods in goodnessknows what century vibe. In the end, I bought the coat version of it cos it made more sense.
img2. many me in a good o pull and bear dress.

now i'm off to much some plain crackers with fauchon rose jam.
good night!

Monday, June 13, 2011

a couple of things I'm digging right now..

As usual, I've been pretty busy and will be very busy for the future I can see ahead. Sorry for the lack of updates! Here are a couple of pretty things that keep me inspired, going and happy:)

img1. mermaids. I think that's the first thing I ever wanted  to be in life after watching disney's ariel in little mermaid.
img2. Rose(ay). a glass of rose champagne or wine with a bowl of olives, bread and butter and watching the world go by is one of my hobbies.It's a bonus when there's limited edition bottles that I can buy from the supermarket and bring home and drink and stare at my dog instead.
img3.street food. actually not really. It's nutella crepe. anything chocolate will do and macaroons are in that plastic bag.
img4.my two favourite kinds of roses are AMNESIA ROSE and AVALANCHE. Some days I tell Andreas to suprise me with them and I act suprised and we're both happy, really.