Sunday, July 17, 2011

CUPCAKE FEVER + inspiration

The last dish of our wedding dinner will be cupcakes. ALL sorts of flavours and pretty fairy cupcakes as well. I wouldn't mind whoopie pies as well, just that they tend to look a little less glamorous I suppose. By the way, kooky bakes at the upmarket makes the best whoopie pies ever...

Monday, July 11, 2011

how do they do it?

hello the love of my life, please come home soon.
I detest long marathon working dayss.
I feel very restless and grumpy now!

Monday, July 4, 2011

coquelicot and beef wellington!

I meant to post this earlier but I haven't had the time. Now I really wish I do have time to take such leisurely meals. We went to Gordon Ramsay because we had a craving for beef wellington for two. I think I prefer a good welly over a steak. Across Claridges is the Vera Wang store. I'm contemplating something in her style for a wedding gown.

Do excuse the overly comfortable of a huge pullover and tights at least I had a redeeming factor: this seasons new balenciaga giant city colour - coquelicot. I fell for it simply because of this colour/word.

Finally, the picture with the necklace, I don't really use it as an accessory per se, I wear it pretty much very often regardless of my outfit. There I keep our rings, a whistle, an amethyst and a rose quartz.



Lately, I've been very busy and very unhealthy (the only exception is breakfast which is still filled with healthy goodness). It's been quite hard surviving with 4to 5 hours of sleep everyday (including weekends).

Anyway, forget about my ranting. Wanna see what my daily breakfast looks like?
p1. Pie and fruits (usually seedless grapes) with coke.
p2. by the time i reach workplace I feel sleepy and I would need one of these brain boosters to keep me awake.
I'm off to study a little and would post again once I'm done!