Monday, July 4, 2011

coquelicot and beef wellington!

I meant to post this earlier but I haven't had the time. Now I really wish I do have time to take such leisurely meals. We went to Gordon Ramsay because we had a craving for beef wellington for two. I think I prefer a good welly over a steak. Across Claridges is the Vera Wang store. I'm contemplating something in her style for a wedding gown.

Do excuse the overly comfortable of a huge pullover and tights at least I had a redeeming factor: this seasons new balenciaga giant city colour - coquelicot. I fell for it simply because of this colour/word.

Finally, the picture with the necklace, I don't really use it as an accessory per se, I wear it pretty much very often regardless of my outfit. There I keep our rings, a whistle, an amethyst and a rose quartz.


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