Tuesday, August 23, 2011

blueberry birthday

That's my birthday cake. It's a blueberry maple cream cheese cake. Everyone says it tastes like mc donald's pan cakes drizzle in maple syrup and blueberry jam. I guess I got to agree!!! I'm craving for it now.

with bunny love. (aren't those pastry bean filled rabbit delicacy lovely?)
Off to play some badminton or ping pong with andreas right now!


  1. happy birthday Lauren !
    How come u stay skinny when you dig those sweets all the time ? o_O

  2. Happy birthday! hope you had an awesome day :) xx

  3. gypsyredlips: thanks! i think my body is used to that kind of sugary junk since my parents have been indulging me with that kind of food as a little girl haha. I do think i will grow fat if i ate loads of pasta and rice though!

  4. haha. okay Lauren. I guess you are blessed since no amount of junk make no difference to your weight. Myself is mad skinny and probably same height as urs.
    I guess u want to put on some weight for your wedding right? Rice will surely help. Especially it do miracle to you skin (: Make sure u post a picture of ur wedding dress if u don't mind. :) Thanks !!