Tuesday, January 17, 2012

london eye's lady grey

That was a new bookcover of blackbeauty. I love that quote. I think it's really appropriate with the impending exams. Oh well.

I have been so so so tired and lethargic to do anything much really. Even my hobby of shopping and eating tires me out. If you're wondering, That was a sack dress from zara which I thought was a little queer but Lady Dior, Lady grey makes up for it. She's my favourite bag and colour of the moment. I had to call quite a few stores to hunt her down. Those are jason wu-melissa flats, my comfort 12hour standing shoes.

and i finish with a willy wonka chocolate, which unfortunately had no golden ticket in it..


  1. Love your outfit, and that quote!

  2. Please remember the location where they sell those chocolates, i want to buy one when I come hohohohohoho